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Access the funding you require to build and grow your business with our simple and operative business plan. An effective business plan allows you to demonstrate to potential investors how and why your product or service will be a success. It allows you to set out clear goals and objectives, as well as a comprehensive strategy for growing your business. 

Drafting a clear and concise business plan will also help you set realistic timeframes for repayment of the capital investment and demonstrate to potential investors that you have thought clearly about what you are doing. Our business plan includes the essential executive summary, business summary, marketing strategy and your financial plan.


What is a business plan?

A business plan is an essential written document that explains your business goals and objectives and sets out the operational, marketing & financial strategies you have created to achieve them.

It will demonstrate what your business is all about and how you plan to make it grow and achieve those objectives. It is an essential tool when starting a new business.

When do I need to use a business plan?

You should use this business plan in the following situations:

  • if you wish to raise capital from investors in your business
  • to set out a detailed explanation of how you will use the money invested in making the business grow.
  • to outline clear objectives and a strategy for business growth
  • to create a roadmap for your business; and
  • for all businesses, whether or not registered, situated in England, Wales or Scotland

What is included in your business plan?

Our business plan includes the following essentials:

  • The executive summary;
  • The overview of the business;
  • The marketing plan and strategy;
  • The management team;
  • All financial information and how the business will be funded, and
  • An optional SWOT analysis.

Do I need a business plan?

Access the funding you require to build and grow your business with a business plan. A business plan is essential for any business seeking to raise investment. It sets out your clear goals and objectives and a realistic strategy for growing your business. It also demonstrates to potential investors why and how your product or service will be successful.

Drafting a business plan will help you focus your mind on your long-term objectives and enables you to create a realistic timeframe for repaying your investment. Simultaneously, you convey confidence to potential investors.

What is the executive summary?

The executive summary, also known as the statement of purpose, is a short and precise description of your business. Its purpose is to focus your potential investor’s attention as soon as they look at your business plan. It explains the purpose of the business, and it’s operations, describes the management team, and details the financial projections.

Should a business plan include financial information?

Your business plan must have a detailed explanation of the finances. This demonstrates that you have the required understanding of the essential financials required to run your business.

Financial information includes:

  • how much investment you require;
  • a projected profit and loss statement (i.e. how much revenue you expect to generate and the expenses that will be paid);
  • the return on investment expected for the investors over the specified period; and
  • the planned period to repay the investment.

What is meant by a marketing strategy?

A marketing strategy explains the plan you intend to follow to make your business grow to meets its objectives. It should include a market analysis, identifying your key target audience and your competitors. Your marketing strategy should consist of the following essentials:

  • Your Pricing strategy;
  • Your Promotion techniques, e.g. online vs offline advertising; and
  • Your Sales methods.

What information do I need to know before I start my business plan?

You should have the following information to hand to complete your business plan:

  • your funding amount required and the repayment period;
  • what your business products or services will sell for;
  • your marketing strategy, how you will get your product or services in front of your target customer. E.g. online advertising your market analysis, who are your competitors;
  • who are the management team, and how will the operation of the business run;
  • a projection of the business revenue for the first year of the business;
  • at what stage you would expect the business to break even;
  • Name and background information for the potential investor.

A business plan is known by the following names:

Business proposal

Business development plan.

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