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You can effectively resign from your job using a formal resignation letter. People leave jobs for an array of reasons, whether it be due to the offer of a new job or for personal reasons. Regardless of your reason, you can depart the ‘right’ way by writing a letter of resignation.

Letters of resignation allow individuals to specify the notice period and the reasons for their departure.

When should I use a resignation letter?

Use resignation letters:

  • When you are resigning to take up a new job; 
  • When you are leaving due to personal reasons, such as wishing to spend more time with family or go travelling;

What do resignation letters cover?

Letters of resignation include:

  • The date of your resignation
  • Full details regarding yourself and your employer
  • The duration of time spent on the job
  • The reasons for your departure (optional)

What are resignation letters?

Resignation letters are letters given to quit your job. These letters allow you to give written notice of your intention to terminate the employment contract between you and your employer. It specifies your notice period and the reasons for your resignation (if you choose to).

Are resignation letters necessary?

Yes. You will need a resignation letter when you wish to resign your job, regardless of the reason of said resignation. Your intention to quit should be documented in writing and our template resignation letter does this for you.

When should I hand in my letter of resignation?

The employment contract or offer letter given at the beginning of your job should have specified your required notice period when terminating your employment. You must hand in your letter of resignation within this contractual notice period.

If you can, it is also best practice to give this letter in person, so the date given is officially the date of receipt.

For more advice:

Ask a solicitor:

  • If you are resigning due to problems at work such as discrimination or bullying;
  • If you are a shareholder, director or partner in the company, you wish to resign from;
  • When you have issues needing to be resolved prior to your resignation, such as a grievance or disciplinary;
  • If you resigning after a period of sickness or maternity leave; or 
  • If you have any queries about your employment status or rights.
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